Idle Machinery

Make it Work.

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Every size business wants to maximize profit on existing, idle resources.
This is what I do best

Revenue Streams

Examine new monetization opportunities or strategize ideas with clients.

Micro Services

Master a small but vital piece of industry-specific digital supply chains.

Harness Data

Import, Export & Analyze information from APIs, databases or Excel files.


I'm a full-stack developer, from responsive websites to admin back-ends.

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I have devoted the last 16 years to honing my craft as a software engineer, full-stack developer, data architect, requirements gatherer, webmaster, API implementer, systems integrator, and pragmatic programmer.

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Businesses I‘ve worked with
Much of my work has been with small to mid-size software companies in the Richmond, VA area. Industries include Moving & Storage, C-Store, Non-Profit Fundraising, and Communications (Broadband, ILEC, CLEC)

I am looking to take on new clients that need contract .NET development, systems integration, web design, Wordpress or consulting work.
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